Skill, teamwork and tactics are all a necessity in this football game with a difference! Our Miniboots game is the perfect centre-piece for any football themed event or party! 

 Played on a 4 x 2m pitch, two teams of three go head-to-head using their radio-controlled unique boot character to 'kick' the ball. Miniboots is an exciting and fast-moving game that is sure to bring out your guests competitive side!  


Key Features

The pitch is 4 x 2m with a 0.5m table height.


6 players at any one time (2 x teams of 3 people)


Quick and easy to assemble in virtually any venue across the UK, or abroad.


An experienced member of our events team will set up the equipment and referee the game; ensuring your guests get the most out of the game.


Reliability is our top priority. Our high-quality equipment together with backup systems for all critical components means we never let our customers down.


Discounts available for multiple game hire.

Miniboots is the perfect addition to any football-themed birthday party, team building event, Christmas party or wedding reception! If your event has football party themes, Miniboots is sure to be a great match!  


Football party theme ideas are hard to come by, but Miniboots has you covered! If you have a football theme birthday party or you're looking for football themed party games, look no further! Your football theme event will have a great atmosphere with Miniboots! No soccer theme event is complete without football party games.

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What type of event does Miniboots suit

* Corporate team building (We can run the event as a league or a knockout match; either style is sure to break the ice, energise and entertain your guests).

* Party entertainment (e.g. birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvah etc).

* Company fun days.

How many players can take part

A maximum of 6 at any one moment (3 players on each team).

How big is the pitch

The pitch is 4 x 2m with a 0.5m table height.

Is skill involved

Yes. Based on driving remote control cars, this is a challenging game. Players remotely drive their boots to nudge the ball into a goal. That’s not to say some guest won’t be a natural at it!

Is it a competitive game

Yes, this football style game involves up to 6 players competing in 2 teams of 3. Electronic scoring records the goals. A formal match is best, but a kick about also is fun.

Are there any branding opportunities

The remote control boots can be custom designed to order. The black surrounding curtains of the game (below the pitch) also provide a large and ideal space for branding.

Do we need to run it or are there staff available from

An experienced member of our team will set up the equipment and referee the game so that you can spend your time relaxing and having fun.

How easy is Miniboots to install at a venue

Miniboots dismantles and will go through a regular doorway and into lifts. Setup time is about 40 minutes.

Is the game safe

Yes very.  Guests are asked not to touch the boots. But if they do, boots are light and relatively slow so they don’t hurt. Safe low voltage electricity is used. Portable appliance testing (PAT) is regularly performed on the electrical supply.

How much does it cost

Price varies due to event location and duration, Please give us a call on +447919431520  or fill out a booking form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote .