Slot Racing

You have just stumbled across the UK specialists in Slot racing entertainment!


A truly classic racing game that will put your guests in the driver’s seat and bring back all their childhood memories. With its computerised scoring, live commentary and large-scale branding opportunities Slot Racing is a great option for any event, from weddings and after dinner entertainment to business functions and exhibitions.


We are the designers and creators of these awesome, purpose-built racing tracks (Yes seriously, we make these!). From the reliable and slick hardware to the sophisticated computerised scoring system; thousands of hours of research and development has gone into creating equipment.


Having fantastic kit is one thing, but it’s our experienced and witty compares that make our Slot racing entertainment so fun and memorable.


As a family run business, with over 20 years’ experience, our passion and expertise shines through at each and every event we host.




Key Features:

>8 lanes, allowing more people to play at once


>Computerised scoring (Variety of racing structures available from a fastest time competition to a points-based championship and Team Mode; We have a style to suit any event)


> Quick and easy to assemble in virtually any venue, across the UK or abroad.


>All of our slot racing tracks come with a skilled member of our events team to provide race commentary and organise the competition.


>Large scale branding opportunities; customisation of the track and cars provides a fun and unique visual marketing option.


>Reliability is our top priority. Our high-quality equipment together with backup systems for all critical components means we never let our customers down.


>Digital display or “Top Gear” style leader board can be provided to heighten the competitive fun.


>You can have multiple Giant Scalextric tracks at an event, we can provide up to 10!

It Was The Perfect Activity

Thank you for all your help last week. We were really pleased with the Scalextric – it was the perfect activity to have at an event like ours and all of our clients were very complimentary about it. – Maddy

It Became A Real Spectator Sport

…it was such a brilliant success. Everyone had a go and enjoyed the racing, we managed to have it in the’ middle’ of the party so it became a real spectator sport – so well organised thank you so much. – Amanda

Chris Managed The Races Very Effectively With Great Humour

“Scalextric was a definite success…It was fun and inclusive. Setting-up and taking down the track was also quick and painless.

An Amazing Addition To Our Party

The booking and planning was straight forward and easy and the event itself was fantastic. Despite lots of outside activities there were queues inside to play on the Scalextric. Our event was run by Will who got everyone engaged with a little bit of banter and commentary but without being over the top – Eleanor Barton

Definitely One of The Highlights of The Night

We just wanted to say thank you for Wednesday night, the track was definitely one of the highlights of the night and we got lots of great feedback from our clients! – Laura Keen

Endless Enthusiasm and Brilliant Compering

A huge thank you for your brilliant service at our seasonal party, suffice to say the Scalextric was the most popular part by far! You all really helped pull the whole event together with your endless enthusiasm and brilliant compering encouraging everyone to take part throughout the whole day. We will definitely be in touch in the future to book you for another event. – Nicola Perry




Some of our hundreds of happy customers...











What type of event does Scalextric style slot racing suit

* Company team building. The venue can be a hotel or company office. The occasion a sales conference, meeting or training session. Slot-racing is the perfect way to team build and lift spirits after the serious stuff.

* Award dinners and parties provide another excellent opportunity for fast-paced fun.

Annual company fun days! A daytime function with entertainment running inside and outside. A Giant Scalextric track would fit in perfectly!

The Christmas party. Dinner, disco, casino and Giant Scalextric are almost standard now.

* Promotional Work. Our tracks can make an exhibition stand more interesting and lively (Yes, a company selling cardboard once hired a track with great results!) Other examples include car showrooms and commercial letting companies.

* Wedding parties, Bar Mitzvahs and other private parties. Adds a little extra to the food and disco format!

* Charity balls and fundraising events.

* Club social function (cricket, rugby, golf etc).

How many people can take part

We have 6 or 8 lane tracks, which suit relatively small to quite large group sizes. To date our smallest group size is 6. We recommend larger groups (15 – 45 people). Players in larger groups usually take it in turns, enjoying a break from the intensive play. More players gives greater atmosphere, time to relax and chat, drink, eat etc. On a practical note more players reduces the price per head.

With larger groups additional entertainment is recommended, maybe more tracks or just other things, Fun casino, simulator machines, table football, disco, band etc.

What Size are the tracks


How long does the event last

If Giant Scalextric is the only entertainment, a large group will play enthusiastically for 1 – 2 hours. A game plan giving individuals 8 qualifying heats, followed by the top 8 drivers going through to a final set of 8 heats works well. This is one of the many game styles our bespoke computerised scoring greatly simplifies. The Race Director will choose the best option on the day.

Contractually we normally quote for up to 3 hours of game play. We are always happy to quote for extended running time.

Can we fund raise with this

Yes. We can organise the taking of money at an event if fundraising is required.

Predicting if and the amount of profit is difficult because it depends on many factors, which are often unknown prior to the event. Low numbers willing to take part is the principle problem.

If guests have paid a high-ticket price, done the raffle, the charity auction and paid inflated drink prices etc the mood to get their wallet out may have passed. In which case the slot track will remain unused and return a loss. In these cases it is better to include the slot-racing costs in the ticket price. Take the long term view that if guests enjoy an event overall they are much more likely to come back next year.

As general rule groups of 300 people or more, given the time and opportunity to take part are likely to return a profit.

How do we organise the event

The Race Director uses experience and a structured competition to get the most from the event. The exact running details will depend on many things; size of group, age of group, other entertainment running at the same time in the same area etc. A simple game format is best if your event contains other forms of entertainment or you can go for a more challenging match if the concentration of players can be expected. Other factors like tiredness, alcohol consumption are all considered by our staff before a game format is run.

The success of the event is about 50% due to staff organisation and 50% the equipment. Our staff spend a lot of time running Giant Scalextric functions and this experience shows! If you want something else like a fun casino we can recommend other operators.

What do staff do

We bring all equipment and setup in a suitable venue. Setting up time is usually about 30 minutes, although an extra 1 hour is generally advisable for contingency. Packing away takes about 20 minutes.

Great track, cars and computerised scoring is just the start. There is a very important job to make the event run well. This is the job of the “Race Director” who will referee the game using the public address system and radio microphone to address the crowd with race commentary. They will also organise the structure of the game using the computerised scoring, making sure the rules are clear and implemented!

What is special about equipment manufacture the equipment as well as run events. Much is purpose built. Spotlights give the copper rails and black track surface a dramatic look. The precision form of the whole shape gives a creative, sculptural look.

Reliability is our top priority. Off the shelf slot-car racing track made to a keen price can give trouble. Unfortunately professional entertainers work in difficult situations without a skilled technician in attendance. Coming back tomorrow with a spare scalextric part is never an option. Our high quality equipment together with back-up systems for all critical components gives peace of mind to event organisers, staff and carefree fun to the players.

The surface of the track is free of bumps and ridges which makes play much more controllable. The players dictate the results not track irregularities. We use top brands of cars and controllers for consistent play.

The computerised scoring system together the with the race directors commentary over the PA system enables players and spectators to follow events. Without this interest can be short lived

How much does it cost

Price varies due to event location and duration, Please give us a call on 01628 675805 or fill out a booking form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote .

Price is inclusive of staff to set-up and run the event, computerised scoring, PA equipment for race commentary and all other necessary equipment.