What is special about miniracing.com equipment

miniracing.com manufacture the equipment as well as run events. Much is purpose built. Spotlights give the copper rails and black track surface a dramatic look. The precision form of the whole shape gives a creative, sculptural look.

Reliability is our top priority. Off the shelf slot-car racing track made to a keen price can give trouble. Unfortunately professional entertainers work in difficult situations without a skilled technician in attendance. Coming back tomorrow with a spare scalextric part is never an option. Our high quality equipment together with back-up systems for all critical components gives peace of mind to event organisers, staff and carefree fun to the players.

The surface of the track is free of bumps and ridges which makes play much more controllable. The players dictate the results not track irregularities. We use top brands of cars and controllers for consistent play.

The computerised scoring system together the with the race directors commentary over the PA system enables players and spectators to follow events. Without this interest can be short lived