What type of event does Scalextric style slot racing suit

* Company team building. The venue can be a hotel or company office. The occasion a sales conference, meeting or training session. Slot-racing is the perfect way to team build and lift spirits after the serious stuff.

* Award dinners and parties provide another excellent opportunity for fast-paced fun.

Annual company fun days! A daytime function with entertainment running inside and outside. A Giant Scalextric track would fit in perfectly!

The Christmas party. Dinner, disco, casino and Giant Scalextric are almost standard now.

* Promotional Work. Our tracks can make an exhibition stand more interesting and lively (Yes, a company selling cardboard once hired a track with great results!) Other examples include car showrooms and commercial letting companies.

* Wedding parties, Bar Mitzvahs and other private parties. Adds a little extra to the food and disco format!

* Charity balls and fundraising events.

* Club social function (cricket, rugby, golf etc).