Exhibition Entertainment



Our purpose built, 2-lane track is ideal for any exhibition space. A totally unique way of engaging delegates with your stand, our Exhibition track brings a whole new meaning to the term “network vehicle”. The track and even the cars can be fully customised providing exciting branding opportunities (A break from the predictable exhibition routine; passers by cannot resist sharing photos and videos of this visual attraction.) 


Key Features:


Includes a “Top Gear” style magnetic leader board to heighten the competitive fun.


2 lanes, compact size (2.4 length x 1.2 width x 0.9 high. Metres) to fit most exhibition stands


Electronic scoring (allowing for a fastest time competition)


Quick and easy to assemble in virtually any venue, across the UK or abroad. Reliability is our top priority. Our high-quality purpose built equipment together with backup systems for all critical components means we never let our customers down. A world away from the flimsy toy version available in shops!









What type of event does our 2 lane track suit

The two lane track is ideally suited as an attraction for an exhibition stand. whist being an interesting and engaging feature, Its compact design means this track does not distract from the objectives of the stand.

For most other parties/events we would suggest our larger 8 lane tracks.

How many players can take part

2 at any one moment.

How big is it

2.4 length x 1.2 width x 0.9 high. Metres

Is it a competition

Yes. The Two players race against each other and the clock. Trying to set the fastest time of the day using the inbuilt electronic scoring system provides a competitive and rather addictive challenge. It’s not unusual for Players to spend hours improving on their time or to come back to the event again and again!

Is skill involved

Yes, both novices and experts enjoy the challenge. Pulling the handset trigger increases the speed of the car, Too much speed and the car leaves the track and stops.

Are there any branding opportunities

Yes. As standard the track is black with rim lights. Rim lights can be set to any colour. Intensity set from off to bright.

Branded, we can print custom, skirt, surface panels or crash barrier graphics. Or supply dimensions for self build.

Is the game safe

Yes very. The moving cars are light so putting a hand in the way does not hurt. Safe low voltage electricity is used. PAT testing on the electrical supply side is regularly performed.

Does it come with staff

If required yes. We are happy to train existing exhibition stand staff to do this job, which may give an informal opening to a business contact.