FAQ Group: UFO

* Party  entertainment (e.g Birthdays, weddings, Bar Mitzvah etc) * Corporate team building * Exhibition attraction; The flashing lights and buzz of excitement generated by players naturally draws people over and provides a welcome change for delegates * Company fun days

What type of event does UFO suit

A light-hearted competition, but a competition nonetheless! Up to 6 players compete against each other for the fastest reaction time. Each player’s score and group position is shown by an LED display. It can even be used by just one player, competing against the clock to set a score.

Is it a competition

This game provides exciting, large scale branding opportunities. The space themed boards can be changed to suit your requirements. The excitement and visual spectacle that this game generates always draws in spectators taking photos and videos. Therefore this game provides an exceptional platform from which your branding can be shared.

Are there any branding opportunities

Yes very. The game contains no moving parts and safe low voltage electricity is used. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is regularly performed on the electrical supply.

Is the game safe

Price varies due to event location and duration, Please give us a call on 01628 675805 or fill out a booking form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote .

How much does it cost